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Recipe of the Month
September 2018

Spicy Hot Pow Wow Sausage Rolls

This is a simple but very tasty recipe!

Take a 500g block of puff pastry & roll out into a rectangle, about the thickness of a £1 coin & cut in 1/2 lengthways.

Choose a good quality Butchers Sausagemeat around 300g, place into a bowl and add 4 heaped tablespoons of Candi's Hot Pow Wow Chutney & mix well.

Place onto pastry in 2 long lines, along one edge brush with egg/milk mix, then fold over the top edge and seal, using either a fork or your fingers.

Bake in pre-heated oven of 200c for 20 minutes or until golden.
Best enjoyed warm!

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The Chutney Club
Lots of exciting things coming soon!

You can come on your own, book with a group of friends or ring me to arrange something special!
A chance for you to dip your toe into the mysterious world of Chutney Alchemy and Aromatic Spices!
Working alongside an Award Winning Artisan Producer, you will be shown how to make your own Chutney and leave with the skills and
confidence to create Chutney of your own.
It will be a fun and relaxed day, learning different flavour profiles
available from many different regional veggies and aromatic spices.

We will also be holding Cookery Courses, to showcase the wide range of ways to enhance your every day cooking by using Chutney.

We have dates available so for more information, please contact us using our Contact Form, or alternatively have a chat with us at any Market or event.
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 Also now available from Candi’s Chutney….

A new, great way to enjoy our range of Original Recipes with our Unique Flavours, without leaving your house, we're launching The Chutney Club Subscription.

Each month we will send to you 2 different flavours to enjoy along with a recipe card for each Chutney to show you how to get the very best from our Chutney.

We are offering a choice of 3 types of subscription;
3 months for £30.00
6 months for £56.00
12 months for £110.00

So contact us directly and we'll start sending you, your own Personal Chutney Pack, we're here to spread the love of Chutney!

Look forward to hearing from you, Candi 

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