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We have now extended our Store Cupboard range of Chutney from our popular 4 Unique flavours to a taste tingling 8, all Original recipes too!

Plus our very own Non Mango Mango Chutney is BACK!

Also please remember that with every batch of Chutney I produce, I solely use East Anglian grown produce each time! 

Thats why our Flavours and Recipes are Unique to us.
Copies never equal the ORIGINAL!

To comply with the new food legislation all our Store Cupboard Chutney carry a Nutritional Analysis to give you more information.

We are also PH test our batches of Chutney to ensure that they all reach you the very best they can possibly be.

We have also improved our Wholesale Distribution this year by teaming up with another awesome Norfolk Producer, please do contact us directly for more information regarding Wholesale Orders.

The “Proudly Norfolk Food & Drink” labelling scheme has been set up as an initiative by Norfolk Food & Drink for Norfolk producers in the food and drink industry to acknowledge their passion and integrity of the product they are producing.  The idea is to give credence to their product when it is displayed on the shop shelves so that they stand out from the crowd of other products which have been mass produced.  

For the consumer it will be a sign that you can trust the product you are buying as it has been lovingly made by hand in Norfolk.

For the producer it is an endorsement for genuine food producers who care passionately about the quality of the food they are producing. We've signed up for this great project, as I strongly believe, that as a community of great producers, we should all be so proud of what we produce!

So to sum up, we are now a multi-award winning small business and as a family we have achieved so much and don't tell them, but I am so proud of them all, my husband, who is so good at vegetable preparation, my oldest son, who helps with our IT needs and our youngest son, who is my Sales Manager, the only one of us who receives Tips!

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